Oracle ERP Management

Maintaining Oracle ERP systems requires regular patching and updating. While such maintenance helps ensure that compliance standards are upheld and users are provisioned with the latest capabilities, it can also consume IT budgets and departments. Stretched-thin, IT teams may inadvertently transition into fulltime ERP system caretakers, sacrificing the ability to leverage the capabilities of the systems they support. 

If IT teams fall behind on ERP system updates, they may force enterprises to operate inefficiently, or even expose them to vulnerabilities. Frequently, before the latest upgrade can be implemented, ERP systems must be taken offline while every missed upgrade, to-date, is applied sequentially. For this reason, generally, the more outdated an ERP system becomes, the longer the downtime that is required to modernize it in the end.

A Trusted Application Services Provider 

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Navisite's Managed Application Services (MAS) can provide reliable hosting and management for Oracle's entire ERP application portfolio. Navisite employs a multi-tenanted approach, which for pre-packaged solutions, leveraging our NaviCloud® platform, can help enable significant cost savings over traditional Oracle ERP hosting. Whether you select a pre-packaged or custom-designed solution, our client-focused Client Managers and Technical Client Managers work to understand your business’s unique requirements, goals and processes, in support of:

  • Improving business flexibility and agility
  • Decreasing system total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Mitigating system downtime
  • Reducing capital expenses (CapEx)
  • Freeing-up local IT resources

End-to-End Management 

Navisite handles most routine ERP system maintenance, including patching, installing service packs and upgrading implementations. Navisite can also execute client-specific business process customizations—even within the production-certified client environment. To ensure industry-leading service levels, Navisite manages all elements of the Service Delivery Infrastructure, including networks, databases, servers, operating systems and interfaces to complementary applications. 

Time-Tested Guarantees

With hundreds of MAS projects under our belt, Navisite has proven its ability to lead clients successfully from initial on-boarding through to implementation and beyond. Navisite offers guaranteed service levels addressing continuous application availability, performance and response and resolution. For enhanced peace-of-mind, Navisite employs a compliance-driven approach built upon:

  • Thorough change-management and production control
  • Stringent security standards
  • Third-party audits and client transparency
  • Documented policies and contractual guarantees
  • Full lifecycle management

Helping You Do More

Navisite tailors its Managed Application Services to help ensure clients receive the best value for their maintenance dollars. Trusting your Oracle ERP management to Navisite’s team of experts can help relieve the time and budgetary burdens on in-house IT teams, allowing them to refocus their efforts on overarching business innovation and growth objectives. 

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