Navisite’s video library speaks to an evolving variety of cloud computing and IT topics. Through the exploration of product demos and tutorials, walkthroughs of Navisite’s facilities, client success stories and recorded discussions, viewers can augment their understanding of cloud computing and managed IT services and learn how a relationship with Navisite may strengthen their organization.

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Aerial Applications Ascends to Greater Success with Navisite's Azure Management Services

Aerial Applications Ascends to Greater Success with Navisite's Azure Management Services

Award-winning, droned-based GIS mapping and photogrammetry modeling software startup Aerial Applications leverages Navisite's Azure Management Services-built custom solution supporting petabytes of GPU-intensive compute power and data storage needs for disaster recovery surveying and support.

Moving from SQL to Azure

Moving From SQL to Azure

The move to Microsoft Azure can be complex, with a lot of moving pieces. And given your team’s skillset and limited bandwidth, how do you move to Azure and manage it for maximum ROI? Few MCSPs can match Navisite’s Microsoft Azure experience and expertise. We’ve seen it, done it and will make sure you get to Microsoft Azure as smoothly as possible. View our video to understand the key things you need to consider when migrating your SQL Server 2008 servers or other environments to Microsoft Azure.

Moving from VMware to Azure

Moving From VMware to Azure

The move to Microsoft Azure can be complex, with a lot of moving pieces. And given your team’s skillset and limited bandwidth, how do you move to Azure and manage it for maximum ROI? Few MCSPs can match Navisite’s Microsoft Azure experience and expertise. We’ve seen it, done it and will make sure you get to Microsoft Azure as smoothly as possible. View our video to understand the key things you need to consider when coming from a VMware-virtualized data center to Microsoft Azure.

Client Success Story: Founder Sport Group

Client Success Story: Founder Sport Group, leading manufacturer and supplier of team uniforms and performance sports wear.

In order to remain an industry leader, maintain uptime of its complex technology stack and support its global manufacturing amid complex business challenges, Founder Sport Group, with their rapid growth, knew the time had come to migrate its infrastructure to the Cloud and develop a strong disaster recovery plan with Navisite.

SQL to Azure Migration Video

Prepare for SQL 2008 End of Support (EOS) and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 EOS Now is the time to start planning your migration to the cloud. Navisite can help you migrate SQL workloads to Azure to ensure you remain secure and compliant, and help you realize all the advantages of the advanced solution.

Meet Navisite, an award winning managed cloud services provider

Meet Navisite, an award winning managed cloud services provider

Navisite is a leading global provider of secure enterprise-class cloud management, managed application hosting and services. But our story isn’t just who we are – it’s about what we do for you. Navisite serves as a seamless extension of IT – helping organizations improve the way they operate and allowing them to be more agile, innovative, efficient and successful.

Office 365 Navisite Elite 5-star Managed Services

Office 365 Elite 5-star Managed Services

Looking for the right Managed Cloud Service Provider to implement and manage your Office 365? Discover how Navisite’s Elite 5-Star Managed Services can help you realize all the benefits of O365 – quickly, securely and easily.

What's your Disaster Recovery plan?

vSphere Cloud Replication Simplified with vCAv

What is your Disaster Recovery plan? Navisite Vmware Cloud and Vmware's vCloud Availability offers the benefits of cloud DR recovery within your VMware ecosystem. No new tools to learn - just simple point and click migration!

The future of human capital management

Client success story: Ceridian, global human capital management in the cloud

No company illustrates the new face of HCM better than Ceridian. A long time provider of outsourced HCM services, it’s now one of the leaders in bringing HCM into the era of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Learn more about their story.

Office 365 Migration - Go it Alone or with an MSP?

Moving to O365 with Navisite

Moving to O365 but not sure how? See the difference between going it alone or going with a pro. Let Navisite, an experienced managed cloud service provider prepare you for the journey.

Navisite Disaster Recovery Cloud

Business Continuity

Most incidents that impact business continuity are man-made or inevitable hardware failures. So what happens when the next downtime event comes your way? Will your organization be able to avoid the potentially devastating disruption and lost revenue? Don’t wait for the next disaster to cripple your business – potentially for good. Make the easy move to Navisite Disaster Recovery Cloud. And keep your business in business no matter what comes your way.

Viadex Partners with Navisite to Fuel Worldwide Growth

Partner Story: Viadex partners with Navisite to fuel worldwide growth

Viadex has partnered with Navisite to deploy its NaviCloud platform and colocation services to deliver hybrid cloud solutions as part of its value added offerings. Navisite’s flexible, scalable system enables the VAR to adapt its business model to offer a range of new utilisation-billed cloud services, in addition to delivering traditional CapEx funded projects.

Quintessentially Provides Lifestyle Management With IT Partner Navisite

Client success story: Quintessentially, lifestyle management & luxury services

Quintessentially is a luxury group in the high network individuals and companies operating in the luxury space. Navisite is their backbone IT partner - from basic email to an Office 365 implementation through to services such as NaviCloud. 

Virtual 1 and Navisite Tune Up Bandwidth On Demand

Partner Success Story: Navisite and Virtual1

Virtual 1 has had a partnership with Navisite for over 5 years. Through Virtual 1’s software-defined networking platform, we have the ability to tune up bandwidth on demand, so if our clients need more services there is no lead time to turn up the pipe.

Trinity Maxwell and Navisite Give Clients Secure Cloud-Based Solutions

Partner Story: Trinity Maxwell

Trinity Maxwell partnered with Navisite to offer their clients secure cloud-based solutions. Watch the video to see how Probitas, Lloyd’s syndicate, benefits from their cloud solution.

How Navisite Helped Clifton College Offer Worldwide Access to Education

Client Story: Enabling Clifton College to offer worldwide access to education

Clifton College engaged with Navisite to provide its NaviCloud® DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) cloud desktop solution. Having Navisite manage Clifton College’s IT infrastructure through a cloud-hosted desktop platform has reduced overall IT costs by avoiding upfront investment in new physical servers.

Navisite + Covenco Offers Clients IaaS & DaaS Solutions

Partner Success Story: Covenco Disaster Recovery & Backup Services

Covenco Recovery Services aligned itself with Navisite to address business challenges for their customers. By partnering with Navisite’s they use the platform to grow their business by offering their customers, Infrastructure As a Service, Desktop As a Service and Managed O365.

How One Organization Saw No Downtime on Navisite's DaaS

Partner Success Story: PMGC

PMGC partnered with Navisite to implement Navisite’s DaaS and cloud infrastructure hosted by VMware for their client. In working together, PMGC enabled their client to get on with important business by taking better care of their communities. Both companies were able to take full advantage of Navisite solutions.

Navisite & IoT | SaaS Enablement for ISVs

Navisite & IOT - SaaS enablement for ISVs

Navisite CTO discusses how Internet of Things (IOT) in the cloud can enable business innovation and efficiency as well as how Navisite’s Infrastructure as a Service can support software businesses to scale through ISV SaaS enablement. 

Fronteo Client Case Study | Navisite

Fronteo Client Story

Fronteo could no longer tolerate the reliability issues it was having with its New York City data center location. In search of a better provider, the company looked to Navisite. With the success of its clients’ litigation depending on fast, reliable access to information, Fronteo stays ahead of the curve by leveraging an agile infrastructure.

Partner Success Story: MetricStream

Partner Success Story: MetricStream

MetricStream partnered with Navisite to leverage NaviCloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to strengthen and grow their services portfolio.

Partner Success Story: Vision Solutions | Double-Take

Partner Success Story: Vision Solutions | Double-Take

Navisite partnered with Vision Solutions, a leading provider of software replication solutions, to help simplify and accelerate transitions to cloud environments. Discover how Vision Solutions’ Double-Take® can help you reach your goals with a safe, proven Managed Cloud Migration solution.

Safeline and Navisite Bring Cloud-Based Counseling to 25,000 People

Client Story: Safeline

Following a 200% increase in demand, SafeLine worked with Navisite to leverage Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and other managed IT services to better meet the needs of sexual abuse and rape victims.

Partner Success Video: Alert Logic Managed Security Services

Partner Success Video: Alert Logic Managed Security Services

Cloud security can be a significant concern for enterprises. Navisite partnered with Alert Logic on a global basis to provide leading Managed Security Services to our mutual clients.

With Navisite, SRD Technology Builds Custom IT Solutions For Its Clients

Partner Success Story: SRD Technology UK

SRD Technology UK partnered with Navisite to bring flexible and customized cloud-based solutions to their clients. In particular, by working with Navisite, they are able to build comprehensive IT services for their clients around Navisite's Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering.

Zerto and Navisite are Bringing Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Partner Success Story: Zerto Business Continuity Software

To enable robust, enterprise-grade replication and recovery solutions for our managed IT services, Navisite has partnered with Zerto: the industry leader in business continuity software solutions.

Richardson Eyres and Navisite Solve IT Challenges With Cloud Solutions

Partner Success Story: Richardson Eyres Enables Managed Application Services with Global Reach

Richardson Eyres partnered with Navisite to bring more comprehensive, enterprise-grade solutions to their mutual clients. By working together, the two companies are better able to provide multifaceted managed IT solutions on a global scale.

National Theatre Begins Cloud Transformation with Navisite

National Theatre begins cloud transformation with Navisite for Managed Microsoft Office 365®

By partnering with Navisite for the management of its Office 365 solution, the National Theatre, one of the major theatres in London, frees up space constraints on physical infrastructure for added scalability, improves employee communications and productivity by aligning to their unique needs, and increases technology resources and management. The Navisite solution set fits into the theatre's business workflow, and as a reliable extension of their team, National Theatre can move forward with their organizational transformation.

Inside Navisite’s Syracuse, NY Data Center

Inside Navisite's Syracuse, NY Data Center

Navisite's Syracuse, New York data centre has more than 8,260 square feet of secure space, which includes locking cabinets and cages, with roof space also available. There are multiple on-network carriers to choose from and regularly tested, redundant battery and generator power backups.

Navisite Cloud Onboarding and Migration  Transitioning Legacy Systems to NaviCloud

Navisite Cloud Onboarding and Migration Services

Transitioning to the cloud can be daunting. To better enable clients to migrate their legacy environments to NaviCloud Self-Service Cloud with ease, Navisite offers multiple Cloud Onboarding and Migration resources and services, including Self-Service Cloud Onboarding and Managed Cloud Migration. 

AAA Case Study | Navisite

AAA Case Study

Hear how Navisite is working with AAA of Western & Central NY for increased reliability and dependability to better service their members.

TCS Used Navisite & Cloudshape to Process Gift Cards in Real-Time

Client Success Story: TCS

TCS, affinity card and gift card processor, leverages Navisite and its partner CloudShape to deliver a Software-as-a-Service solution to its clients.

See Why FashionGPS Chose Navisite for a Secure Cloud

Fashion GPS Case Study

Learn how Fashion GPS delivered a secure, consistent, reliable service to their clients during some of their busiest times using Navisite’s colocation services.

Inside Navisite’s Santa Clara, CA Data Center

Inside Navisite's Santa Clara, CA Data Center

Navisite's Santa Clara data centre is composed of three standalone data halls, which meet Tier 3 and SSAE-18 standards and are thoroughly secured by on-site staff and dual authentication, monitored 24/7 by redundant Navisite Service Centres.

Inside Navisite’s Andover, MA Data Center

Inside Our Andover, MA Data Center

Navisite's Andover, MA data centre is a high-performance environment for applications and mission critical data. Systems are monitored 24/7 by redundant Navisite Service Centres and secured by dual authentication, constant surveillance and on-site staff.

Partner Testimonial  CDW | Navisite

Partner Success Story: CDW

CDW discusses how it benefits from Navisite's partner program in its daily business operations, service offerings, and market engagements.

Partner Testimonial: CloudShape

Partner Success Story: CloudShape

Private cloud managed services provider CloudShape discusses its partnership with Navisite, and how this relationship has supported their new business growth.

Partner Testimonial   OSHEAN

Partner Success Story: OSHEAN

Navisite and OSHEAN  working collaboratively to provide cloud-based solutions to OSHEAN’s member organizations.

Red Roof Inn Chose Navisite to Get Their Systems onto the Cloud

Red Roof Inn Case Study

Through its partnership with Navisite, Red Roof Inn was able to efficiently virtualize its IT infrastructure, maintain comprehensive front-end and back-end guest services while allowing for the flexibility to scale up and down as demanded by the market.